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All across our country – but in New Jersey especially – residents are burdened with high costs for everything. Poor energy policy is blocking portions of the county from immediate access to homegrown sources of energy that will not only lower utility rates but continue the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Affordable Energy for New Jersey is bringing together the voices of our state from all corners – local leaders, business owners, organized labor, rural communities and city commuters – who believe there is a sustainable energy path that will fight against the reality of our changing climate with reality of what extreme policy shifts will do to our everyday way of life.

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New Jersey Needs A Realistic Energy Master Plan

New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan outlines a political agenda, not a sound public policy platform that would balance our energy needs with efforts to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Sound, effective and fair energy policy needs to:
  • Include a strong mix of energy resources, including clean and affordable natural gas.
  • Create a realistic transition timetable that ensures access to energy while experimenting with new, yet unestablished technologies – avoid an energy crisis.
  • Realistically address the costs of introducing new technologies without simply taxing working families and local businesses who will end up paying for the planned subsidies.
  • Accommodate redundancies in our energy system for emergency situations when electric grids are down – hospitals, emergency facilities, and even homes and businesses rely on natural gas fueled generators since Super Storm Sandy.

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