Across Europe, we have seen countries return to coal to keep the lights on setting back progress that has already been made fighting climate change. These are the choices they are being forced to make because politicians chose to virtue signal rather than develop a sound strategy that would provide energy security instead of forcing residents and businesses into energy poverty.

No matter how much Affordable Energy for New Jersey has continued to sound the alarm and warn that these failed policies are poorly thought out, not ready for primetime and frankly will not work, New Jersey continues to take missteps that are costing us time to get it right and money from our wallets.

And now instead of taking these cautionary tales into consideration and hiding costs for over 920 days, New Jersey is trying to utilize a fake report to try to argue that there is no chance New Jersey could face these same energy shortages in the next decade. We deserve an energy policy that doesn’t pick winners and losers as we try to  ensure energy security and affordability because in the end, we will all lose and be left in the dark.

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