A coalition of labor, energy, business and civic groups have launched Affordable Energy for New Jersey to help shape energy policy following the release of New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan.

The group includes the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey, Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative 825, Consumer Energy Alliance, Commerce & Industry Association of New Jersey, New Jersey Builders Association, New Jersey Concrete & Aggregate Association, Southern New Jersey Development Council, Utility & Transportation Contractors Association, UA Pipefitters Local 274 and Operating Engineers Local 825.

“The EMP’s emphasis on a move to complete electrification unilaterally ignores the fact that such an infrastructure does not even exist, nor is it even in progress. While laudable, this plan does not answer the two most fundamental questions – how much will this cost the residents of New Jersey and what is the realistic timetable to implement any changes?” said Ron Morano, who will serve as executive director of the group. “The EMP presently relies too heavily on untested and not-yet realized technologies to meet our needs while hindering access to proven clean and affordable energy sources.”

Affordable Energy for New Jersey’s goals include: growing support for clean, affordable, reliable natural gas; creating knowledge about New Jersey’s access to natural gas; broadening the conversation from production to delivery of energy; and emphasizing affordability of energy while reinforcing safety and environmental benefits.