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What They Say About Energy

See what elected officials, community, religious, labor and business leaders have to say

“The second highest bill after rent or mortgage is energy – what our seniors pay for heat, for gas, for life, is at risk. We need to have a strategy to impact policy and make a difference,” said Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr. Esq., Senior Pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church, “As we sit here right now, energy bills will go up, not down. Thirty five percent of households struggle to pay their energy bills—for seniors, that number is even higher. We need to partner together to tell legislators in the state of New Jersey that we don’t want our energy bills raised.”

-Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr. Esq.,
Senior Pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church

“While we recognize the Governor’s efforts to address climate change and its impact in New Jersey, the Energy Master Plan (EMP) released today falls short and simply translates into a tax on New Jersey businesses and families,” said Anthony Russo, president of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey, a business advocacy group representing more than 900 corporate members from every industry sector. “The plan openly acknowledges additional costs to New Jersey homeowners and business owners, yet severely underestimates the true financial impact. And, those excessive costs will yield no significant gain,” he added.

“Further, the Executive Order included in the plan, as well as anticipated mandates for development, will seriously impact economic investment within the New Jersey,” Russo concluded.

-Anthony Russo,
President of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey

“This latest version of the Energy Master Plan once again drastically misses the mark. Sadly, nearly two-year’s worth of expert testimony and stakeholder comments about the negative and costly impacts this will have directly on residents and business were disregarded. If we want New Jersey – which is already struggling with high taxes, crumbling infrastructure, historic outmigration, and an ever-worsening business climate — to thrive, we need a realistic approach that takes overall cost and feasibility into account. This simply does not.”

– Mark Longo,
Director, ELEC825

“Murphy’s plan will drive-up costs on families, seniors and businesses while they already struggle to afford New Jersey’s extreme tax burden,” continued Bramnick. “Once again he doesn’t take into account what people can afford if it doesn’t help his agenda. The state shouldn’t be making it more difficult for people to make ends meet.”

– Jon Bramnick,
NJ Assembly Minority Leader

“While Governor Murphy’s energy plan may earn him pats on the back from other liberal millionaires, it’s nothing more than a tax that will drive up gas and electric bills of hard-working New Jerseyans who are already at the limit of what they can afford,” added Bucco. “It’s another example of the governor not understanding the extreme cost of implementing a far-left progressive agenda. Instead of offering relief that people are seeking, he’s promising higher energy bills that will drive the outmigration of more families and businesses from New Jersey.”

– Anthony Bucco,
NJ State Senator

“New Jerseyans are struggling with the highest property taxes and some of the highest business and income taxes in the nation,” Oroho said. “Instead of offering relief, the governor’s energy plan will only add fuel to the fire and push more New Jerseyans to states like Pennsylvania and Florida that have rational fiscal and energy policies that their residents can afford.”

– Steven Oroho,
NJ State Senator