What They Say About Energy

See what elected officials, community, religious, labor and business leaders have to say

“The second highest bill after rent or mortgage is energy – what our seniors pay for heat, for gas, for life, is at risk. We need to have a strategy to impact policy and make a difference,” said Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr. Esq., Senior Pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church, “As we sit here right now, energy bills will go up, not down. Thirty five percent of households struggle to pay their energy bills—for seniors, that number is even higher. We need to partner together to tell legislators in the state of New Jersey that we don’t want our energy bills raised.”

“New Jerseyans are struggling with the highest property taxes and some of the highest business and income taxes in the nation,” Oroho said. “Instead of offering relief, the governor’s energy plan will only add fuel to the fire and push more New Jerseyans to states like Pennsylvania and Florida that have rational fiscal and energy policies that their residents can afford.”

– Steven Oroho,
NJ State Senator