Affordable Energy for New Jersey is committed to creating a balanced, stable, and cost-effective energy mix in our state – an “all of the above” approach as opposed to the picking of favorites we see today from federal and state administrations alike. Our hope is to open a productive dialogue with state leaders to discuss how New Jersey can use energy infrastructure investment and common-sense public policy to kickstart our economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession and keep costs manageable for residents in the long term.

Energizing Our Economy is our contribution to the greater conversation facing New Jersey’s economic future. We see this document as a roadmap that shows how investing in our energy infrastructure will boost our economy, in both the short and long-term, and give the state a strong foundation on which to build for years to come.

While some are advocating for a complete overhaul, we find that the fundamental backbone of our current energy mix is strong – and with some fine tuning – will chart a course for success that brings NJ into the future without bankrupting its present. Expanding existing transmission and distribution systems, increasing access to clean, affordable natural gas, will lower costs across the board, freeing up capital to invest in the nuclear, wind and solar goals, as outlined in the Energy Master Plan, and lowering costs for residents and businesses when they need it most.