Energy Policy That Works For NJ 

Affordable Energy for New Jersey (AENJ) is a broad, grassroots coalition that advocates for actionable, fact-driven energy policy that emphasizes keeping costs low for our residents and businesses and evaluates energy policies and proposals based by asking the following three questions:
Is it Feasible?
Is it reliable?
what does it cost?

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New Jersey Needs A Realistic Energy Master Plan

New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan outlines a political agenda, not a sound public policy platform that would balance our energy needs with efforts to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Sound, effective and fair energy policy needs to:

Don’t Choose winners & losers

Include a strong mix of energy resources, including clean and affordable natural gas.

A Transition is needed

Create a realistic transition timetable that ensures access to energy while experimenting with new, yet unestablished technologies – avoid an energy crisis.

Address costs

Realistically address the costs of introducing new technologies without simply taxing working families and local businesses who will end up paying for the planned subsidies.

Develop Redundancies

Accommodate redundancies in our energy system for emergency situations when electric grids are down – hospitals, emergency facilities, and even homes and businesses rely on natural gas fueled generators since Super Storm Sandy.

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