New Jersey Deserves Affordable Energy & Choice

New Jersey is already built on clean energy, but of course we can do more. However, this should not be done in a way that will crumble the very foundations of our economic and community infrastructure. Sadly, the recently released Energy Master Plan while laudable – fails to address the primary functions all blueprints should address – how will this be successfully implemented and how much will this cost consumers, ratepayers, taxpayers & residents?

Affordable Energy for New Jersey was formed to bring together leaders and residents from across the state representing the extraordinary members of local communities, business and labor that have been expressing concerns about the implementation of the Energy Master Plan.

The Garden State has been one of the leading voices in emissions reductions across the country – however New Jersey can not fight climate change alone and with a detrimental impact to the 9 million residents who live here.

We believe there is another way forward. One that empowers New Jersey to continue reducing its carbon footprint without pricing families and businesses out of the state – simply put, a more sustainable plan.

Join us and learn more about what you can do.