A Common Sense Approach That Provides Energy Transparency And Affordability Unlike The Failed Energy Master Plan

NJ Biz writes about new legislation introduced that would ensure New Jersey will be powered by reliable, diverse, and affordable energy sources:

The legislation would require the state‚Äôs Energy Master Plan to consider:

  • The energy needs, supplies and reliability in all geographic areas of the state
  • The use and development of diverse energy generation sources, including, but not limited to, solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, natural gas, and renewable natural gas to assure reliable and sufficient energy supply
  • The affordability of energy generation, transmission and distribution to ratepayers
  • The prioritization of in-state energy generation, to the extent practicable and feasible to minimize subsidies for out-of-state energy generation
  • The use of incentives, rather than mandates, when feasible, to increase consumer transparency and choice

It’s about time we see legislation grounded in reality that lays a strong foundation for a broad discussion to develop policies that effectively address our energy challenges.

Now if only the Governor and other Legislators would join this sensible effort. Then we could begin to ensure we have the most comprehensive Energy Master Plan that sets our state up for future success and growth.

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