Warnings At First Sign Of Cold Weather Give A Glimpse Of The Dark Future Ahead

Over the holidays as temperatures dipped for the first time, we got a glimpse of the future starting now. We saw warnings issued from PJM like below to conserve energy in order to protect the grid and keep the power on:

Companies are asking for delays to allow for time to deal with the “significant challenges” they are facing. There are questions being raised almost daily about rising costs. New Jersey is falling further behind the stated goals of the state with each passing day. And yet the NJ BPU is planning to move forward with their third wind solicitation as if they operate in a vacuum where their plans are not impacted by economic realities.

There is a chance to make your voice heard and encourage the NJ BPU to change direction. They will be holding a public hearing on the Energy Master Plan on January 26th at 10am. You can register hereand join AENJ telling the the NJ BPU what you think.

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