Trying To Spin Scrapping The Energy Master Plan Into A Mission Accomplished Moment

The stench of NJ’s failed and unrealistic energy policy appears to have landed in Governor Murphy’s front office. One that also refuses to acknowledge reality. But that is what the Governor’s Director of Climate Action and the Green Economy said when she tried to spin delaying the Energy Master Plan as a win for the administration:

The whole piece is a justification for how they will try to make up for the immense cost increases that consumers will face without again bothering to tell the people what those costs will be. It takes a special kind of hubris to attempt to take a victory lap while standing on the still fresh remains of your failures.

The only thing that is aggressively happening is that costs are mounting as the Governor’s office and the NJ BPU waste their time and fail to enact plans that are feasible, reliable and affordable. The mission is definitely not accomplished, no matter what they try to tell the public.

Transparency Update: 1119 Days Without Releasing Costs