Headline Grabbing Without Providing Costs Is Still Failed Energy Policy

Governor Phil Murphy has decided triple down on the failed energy policies of the NJBPU, not only taking them on himself but moving up the already unachievable goals to try to capture headlines. As a result, the $1.4 trillion dollar bill will now come due ten years faster and we will still not be able to make his talking points a reality. And not everyone believes that his hot hair will produce enough energy to meet their goals:

Of course we at Affordable Energy New Jersey had our reaction to the ridiculousness coming out of the Governor’s Executive orders:

To Recap. First, the NJBPU postponed their unachievable Energy Master Plan after wasting 5 years of time and money with nothing to show for it because it’s not feasible, reliable or affordable. 

Then, the Governor moved up the goals of the plan by ten years that the NJBPU already said we couldn’t reach for a public relations stunt that will only serve to mandate energy failure while having the nerve to claim there are no mandates. And in the process, let’s not forget the Governor is hoping no one will realize he didn’t respect the people enough to actually release any detailed plans of how we will meet his unrealistic goals. 

It would be great if we could have serious energy policy conversations instead of having our leaders continue to govern by press release, talking point and the search for the next headline that is positive for the Governor but an expensive anchor for New Jersey residents.

Transparency Update: 1127 Days Without Releasing Costs