The Prior Plan Didn’t Work, So Let’s Do It Even Faster Without A Plan”

Frank A. Felder is the former director of the Rutgers Energy Institute, former research professor at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, and author of the original cost study of the NJ Energy Master Plan, which the state has still not released.

So he knows what he is talking about when it comes to Energy in New Jersey and has some thoughts on the Murphy Administration’s attempted do-over of their failed policies after four years of advancing every possibility except that they were just plain wrong:

Redefining insanity truly encapsulates what this administration is doing with their energy policies. As Felder said, the change in course was an admission “that Energy Master Plan (EMP) was overly ambitious, based upon faulty modeling and ignored ratepayer costs.”

But the problem is, instead of taking the chance to build that needed consensus and go in a different direction, the administration continues doubling down on failure. At the end of that road is a $1.4 trillion bill that will now come due even faster as a result.

Transparency Update: 1133 Days Without Releasing Costs