NJDEP Tells NJBPU Their Energy Master Plan Calculations Are Built On A House Of Cards

The NJ DEP has postponed the implementation of a mandate calling for the electrification of all commercial boilers. This is yet another example of how the BPU has ignored global economic and energy challenges in its flawed Energy Master Plan.

The fact that the NJDEP is saying that they expect electricity demand to double flies in the face of every assumption and potential scenario considered in the original 2019 New Jersey IEP, which served as the foundation for the Energy Master Plan as you can see in this chart:

This is not just the latest setback for the Energy Master Plan following on the heels of the continued struggles and growing concerns of wind energy development and costs.

While appreciate the NJDEP recognizing the reality that New Jersey will need to follow an all of the above approach to energy to maintain reliability and meet the growing demand, it is time for the NJBPU to admit the truth and go back to the drawing board.


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