It’s time to admit the Murphy Energy plan is not feasible, will not result in reliable energy and will cost too much

Responding to recent reports that the state of New Jersey continues to hide the true impact and total financial burden for energy costs of the Murphy Administration’s $100 billion Energy Master Plan, Executive Director of Affordable Energy New Jersey Ron Morano offered the following comments:

“We applaud state government officials for finally recognizing that releasing the details of their $100 billion green fantasy will show that it is far too expensive for New Jersey taxpayers to stomach,” said Morano.

“The fact is, when times were good before the COVID pandemic, the state failed to release this information for the public to see the true costs of Phil Murphy’s Energy plan. Now they are attempting to use the pandemic to distract from the fact that they continue to keep the public in the dark about their flawed plans.

While the Murphy Administration says they need to go back to the drawing board before releasing any analysis of costs, the fact is they need to go back to the drawing board on Phil Murphy’s Energy Plan itself.”